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There is no stop to the variety of services we provide and that is why we have
been preparing for you
2-way voice messages on top of the already operating
2-way messaging services. Much like its predecessor, it allows two parties to
arrange for schedules and appointments using our
unique voice recognition software.

Reminder Time has 2-way communication as standard, but what use is it unless you can
see the results. In a Reminder Time account, the options
SMS Audit and Voice Audit
(accessed under the Make a Reminder option) allow a user to check if a reply has been
received and what the response to the reminder was.

Reminder Time is now able to provide text AND voice reminders in 50 different
and up to 15 dialects, making it a truly international class product,
essential for any business that wants to be considered globally active. These
numbers are subject to increase, expanding the capabilities of our products.

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