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Remindertime Message Customisation


In the Reminder Time messaging window you have the option to use
the default messaging script template or to create your own. This means
that you can have different scripts for different purposes, each saved under
a different name, up to a maximum of 99 scripts per account.

Mass Upload is the term we use to describe our multiple messaging feature. Not applicable
to the Alltime range of integrated systems, Mass Upload a web-based
Shorttime user
to send an identically scripted reminder message to several people at once, the only difference
between messages being the appointment time and the time it is sent.

Mass upload is achievable using three different methods, manual entry of recipients and their
details, copy and paste from a correctly formatted spreadsheet or upload an XLS or CSV file.
Once reminders are entered into the system they are validated before being loaded into the
message queue. This gives the user realtime feedback on any errors in the construction of a
reminder data table.
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