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Remindertime for Healthcare


Our AllTime products are already used and integrated within EMIS or
GPASS patient integration systems, making them the de facto software
for any clinic or hospital to have.

We help you to reduce significantly the number of
missed appointments or DNA's (did not attend). By not
only allowing you to remind your patients about appointments
but giving them the chance to respond (2 way reminders)
they can keep you informed of what they want to do.

Reminder Time has already undergone an R4 software integration on
dental clinics and looks forward to further expand its reaches.

Because our templates are completely customisable, the range of clinics Reminder
Time can help you communicate is as flexible as you need. From the popular
Smoking Cessation to Ante and Post Natal for your busy midwives, from
Paediatric Asthma to Diabetes Monitoring, and lifestyle guidance.

Reminder time have long been an advocate for PATIENT RECORD ACCESS (PRA)
within the NHS and private sector healthcare marketplace. We have
worked with
the pioneers
in PATIENT RECORD ACCESS (PRA) for over 5 years now including
newly former CCG North West IT Leads, Dr Amir Hannan.

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